Discovery Bay, Jamaica

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Discovery Bay name comes from the claim that Columbus first landed here in 1494. He called it "Puerto Seco". - dry harbor" because of its lack of water Located on the north coast between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Discovery Bay may be the spot where Columbus first came ashore in 1494, though nearby St. Ann's Bay is another possibility.
Discovery Bay is also the site of the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, operated by the University of the West Indies. Founded in 1965, the lab has hosted researchers from around the world focusing on coral reef biology and tropical coastal processes.

Today, Discovery Bay's main point of interest for travelers is Puerto Seco Beach, which is nicely maintained and has changing rooms, clean toilet facilities and a snack bar. Calm waters and a shallow shelf make this protected bay a popular weekend destination for families from as far away as Kingston. The beach is rather narrow, but there are lots of picnic tables shaded by coconut trees -- grab one as soon as you arrive, because they go fast. The parking lot is fenced and secured.
  • Discovery Bay is Located approximately 73 mi/112 km northwest of Kingston.

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