Kingston, Jamaica

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Kingston - The Heartbeat of Jamaica
The largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean, this colorful, cosmopolitan capital vibrates as a cultural mecca.

Home to the University of the West Indies and the Jamaica Conference Center, Kingston is the financial and commercial core of Jamaica.

The majestic Blue Mountains form a backdrop for gleaming high-rises and hillside homes. Tours will take you to explore mansions like historic Devon House, the exciting performing arts at the Little Theatre and to the National Gallery, which houses a comprehensive collection of Jamaican art. A city of museums, theaters and art galleries, Kingston is also the birthplace of our infectious Reggae music. The metropolitan area abounds with nightclubs, dance halls, restaurants and bars that keep the city's nightlife sizzling.

Kingston is colorful and diverse. You can play golf, watch horse races, catch a live Reggae concert, watch the nNational Dance Theatre Company or the University Singers perform. Enjoy live Jazz at Devon House or Red Bones Cafe. Picnic on the beach or at the nearby offshore island of Lime Cay. Tour the Hope Botanic Gardens. Kingston also boasts a spectacular market for the arts and crafts, and duty-free shopping is everywhere. A short drive from the city in the majestic Blue Mountains takes you to old-fashioned hillside inns and lush tropical gardens. Visit the plantation of our world-renowned Blue Mountain coffee. Take some home.

Nearby Spanish Town dates back to the days of Columbus and was the island's capital until 1872. Visit the historic 17th-century pirates lair of Port Royal with the Maritime museum, the Museum of Historical Archeology, Giddy House (which tilts an a 45-degree angle) and Fort Charles, a former Colonial stronghold

Kingston - Come for the moonlight, stay for the magic.

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