Montego Bay at Round Hill, Jamaica

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Originally opened in 1953, Round Hill was conceived by well-connected, Jamaican-born entrepreneur John Pringle, whose mother was a social fixture and owned the former Sunset Lodge Hotel in Montego Bay.

The 100-acre peninsula was part of Lord Monson's huge Round Hill Estate, which was first a sugar plantation and later grew coconuts, pimento, and allspice. The peninsular bluff was also home to pineapple groves, which are now represented in the signature logo of this prominent Montego Bay resort

Pringle's vision was to take the 'boutique' concept both onto another level and into a new domain.

The plan comprised the design and development of a luxury cottage complex in Montego Bay, Jamaica – an early boutique hotel – which, based on John's own revolutionary business model, would offer those who purchased a cottage a share in hotel profits. In other words, he had the idea of creating a Montego Bay resort that would appeal to the very rich who wanted to have a cottage in the West Indies without the problem of absentee ownership. As John was dedicated to his dreams and worked tirelessly to turn them into reality, in 1953 the ever-renowned and celebrated Round Hill was to open its doors to the world of fame, wealth, and creative talent with Noel Coward as its first shareholder.

The amenities at this exclusive Jamaican resort were designed with the highest standards of hospitality in mind. Our warm and professional staff are on hand around the clock to ensure that your Jamaican resort experience is truly memorable. Comprehensive in scope and exquisite in execution—all with a friendly, laid-back attitude—the amenities and services at Round Hill Hotel and Villas have made this Jamaican resort a leading destination for decades. With water sports, tennis, the Tryall Golf Club, spa services, a fitness center, wedding and event services, dining, and shopping available day and night, you won't find a more perfect Jamaican resort experience than at Round Hill Hotel and Villas. View a list of the available amenities and services below

Kid Friendly Resorts - Kid's Club
Round Hill makes the family holiday even more inviting for the whole crew! Enjoy the complimentary use of our Pineapple Kids' Club and 7-Up Club, the perfect children's program - Round Hill style! Conveniently located in a recently upgraded house adjacent to the lobby and beach, our programs promote fun and education with a host of options offering an active and imaginative holiday for children. Activities include nature walks, a creative assortment of arts and crafts, water sports, talent shows, reggae lessons and movie and story hour. The Pineapple Kids' Club and 7-Up Club are open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

The Pineapple Kid's Club is available with supervision for children ages 3 through 6, and includes arts, crafts, and exploration of Round Hill. The 7-Up Club, housed in the same building, includes the following amenities to satisfy the desires of children 7 years and older, including the active teenage guest!

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