Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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The name Ocho Rios shows a little piece of our history. Located on the North Coast of the island, Ocho Rios, (called Ochi by the locals), is centrally located to almost everywhere on the island.
We’re an hour and a half’s drive from our two major cities (and airports), of Kingston and Montego Bay. And we’re around two and a half hours from the other two tourist destinations of note, Port Antonio and the South Coast. Full of attractions, we’re a major stopping point for cruise ship visitors. But right now let’s go back to where the name Ocho Rios comes from.

Jamaica was originally settled by a tribe of Arawak Indians called the Tainos. They lived in peace until 1494 when Christopher Columbus arrived, landing at Seville, about 7 miles out of the town. Now quite a few islands claim that when Columbus declared that “this is the most beautiful island that eyes have ever seen,” he was referring to their island. But we live here, we know differently!

Spanish rule was not to last, and Jamaica was fought for long and hard, by both the Spanish and the English at various points in history. You can guess who won. However we still retain some of the Spanish names from our various periods of occupation.
Ocho Rios is thought to be a corruption of the Spanish “Las Chorreras” or water spout. We assume because of Dunn’s River, one of our great local attractions.

We remained a sleepy fishing village for many years until we started exporting bauxite from the hills of St. Ann in around 1952. And slowly after that time, tourists began to find us. Now just about everything is here: attractions, restaurants, night life, you name it. Check out our attractions page for some of the things to see and do while on your vacation here.

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