• Discovery Bay:
    Discovery Bay name comes from the claim that Columbus first landed here in 1494. He caled it "Puerto Seco". - dry harbor" because of its lack of water Located on the north coast between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Discovery Bay may be the spot where Columbus first came ashore in 1494, though nearby St. Ann's Bay is another possibility.

    Today, Discovery Bay's main point of interest for travelers is Puerto Seco Beach, which is nicely maintained and has changing rooms, clean toilet facilities and a snack bar. Calm waters and a shallow shelf make this protected bay a popular weekend destination for families from as far away as Kingston. The beach is rather narrow, but there are lots of picnic tables shaded by coconut trees -- grab one as soon as you arrive, because they go fast. The parking lot is fenced and secured. 73 mi/112 km northwest of Kingston.

    Kingston - The Heartbeat of Jamaica
    The largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean, this colorful, cosmopolitan capital vibrates as a cultural mecca.

    Home to the University of the West Indies and the Jamaica Conference Center, Kingston is the financial and commercial core of Jamaica.

    The majestic Blue Mountains form a backdrop for gleaming high-rises and hillside homes. Tours will take you to explore mansions like historic Devon House, the exciting performing arts at the Little Theatre and to the National Gallery, which houses a comprehensive collection of Jamaican art. A city of museums, theaters and art galleries, Kingston is also the birthplace of our infectious Reggae music. The metropolitan area abounds with nightclubs, dance halls, restaurants and bars that keep the city's nightlife sizzling.

    Kingston is colorful and diverse. You can play golf, watch horse races, catch a live Reggae concert, watch the nNational Dance Theatre Company or the University Singers perform. Enjoy live Jazz at Devon House or Red Bones Cafe. Picnic on the beach or at the nearby offshore island of Lime Cay. Tour the Hope Botanic Gardens. Kingston also boasts a spectacular market for the arts and crafts, and duty-free shopping is everywhere. A short drive from the city in the majestic Blue Mountains takes you to old-fashioned hillside inns and lush tropical gardens. Visit the plantation of our world-renowned Blue Mountain coffee. Take some home.

    Nearby Spanish Town dates back to the days of Columbus and was the island's capital until 1872. Visit the historic 17th-century pirates lair of Port Royal with the Maritime museum, the Museum of Historical Archeology, Giddy House (which tilts an a 45-degree angle) and Fort Charles, a former Colonial stronghold

    Kingston - Come for the moonlight, stay for the magic.

    Montego Bay:
    Known fondly as "MoBay," Montego Bay (pop. 92,000) is the second-largest city in Jamaica and the country's rowdy center of tourism: Cruise ships frequent its port, and most of the visitors who arrive in Jamaica by plane land just east of Montego Bay.

    The waterfront is lined with white-sand beaches, hotels and elegant resorts. Its main attractions include its world-class golf courses, excellent beaches, the Montego Bay Marine Park and the seaside Gloucester Avenue, known locally as the "Hip Strip," which offers all that a dedicated partygoer could ask for.

    Travelers have always been lured to Montego Bay: the quintessential Caribbean destination, surrounded by white sand beaches, grand hotels, all-inclusive resorts, charming small hotels as well as Villas and apartment accommodations. Renowned for its beauty and range of activities, Montego bay is a place where history and legend come together to offer the most intriguing attractions

    Visit Rose Hall Great House and hear the shivering tale of the White Witch, Annie Palmer. Tour historical plantation houses like Greenwood and Belfield. Take a river rafting trip down the Great River or the Martha Brae for an experience of serenity. The Montego Bay Marine Park covers ten square miles of protected waters alive with coral reefs and exotic fish. Swim at legendary Doctor's Cave Beach, known for its therapeutic waters. Gloucester Avenue's "Hip Strip" is the pulse of the town and boasts restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, bars and duty-free shopping to rival any port. Shopping is sensational allmover town. And do not miss the local crafts markets. Montego Bay plays host to a roster of music festivals, including the largest Reggae show on earth, Reggae Sumfest. Jazz and Blues lovers can catch the annual Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival

    A few miles east of Montego Bay is the town of Falmouth, where the Parish Church built in 1795 and the courthouse built around 1815 complements the well-preserved Georgian architecture. As night falls, the phosphorescence at nearby Oyster Bay lagoon is so thick, it glows like fir in the dark.

    Montego Bay - The complete resort that has it all.

    Negril once a sleepy fishing village, Negril has blossomed into a full-scale resort. It is still one of the best places for visitors to meet Jamaicans on their own turf.

    The carefree, unhurried atmosphere (a legacy of its days as a hippie hangout in the 1970s) is quite unlike that of the other tourist towns, making it popular with Jamaicans as well as visitors. It's located an hour's drive southwest from Montego Bay along pretty coastline and through picturesque villages.

    The town is best known for Negril Beach, a 7 mi/11 km uninterrupted stretch of fine white sand on Long Bay, considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

    There's another nice stretch of sand along Bloody Bay, north of Negril Beach. (A single road runs along the shore, so finding your way between the town and the beaches poses few problems.) The beaches are great places for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, sailboarding and watching spectacular sunsets.
    The water is calm and shallow enough that children can enjoy it. You will also find many areas set aside for nude bathing. The public beaches are patrolled by guards to keep vendors from hassling visitors.
    Or you could while away the day at one of the all-inclusive resorts. Even if you're not a guest, you can purchase a day pass that grants you access to the hotel, the beach, all you can eat and drink, plus most of the watersports. Some of the resorts offer topless and clothing-optional beaches.

    For a particularly scenic view, visit the Negril Lighthouse, perched on high cliffs just southwest of town. Beneath it, snorkelers and divers can explore caves. Another good dive site is the Gallery (near Booby Cay), with steep ledges and canyons where scorpion fish and large sponges can be seen.

    If you're in town on Sunday, be sure to attend the local talent show in the town's small park. Nature lovers will want to visit the Great Morass swamplands to see birds and plants. They stretch to the northeast of Negril. 153 mi/246 km west of Kingston.

    Ocho Rios:
    Ocho Rios is a favourite vacation destination for visitors and locals alike. What was once a small, rural fishing village is today one of the major centres of Jamaica’s tourism.

    The English translation of the name Ocho Rios is eight rivers, but the name is actually a corruption of the Spanish words, "las chorreras", or " cascades".

    Ocho Rios does not, as its name suggests, have eight rivers. It is the garden of Jamaica and the place where, Jamaicans say, heaven spills into the sea. Grassy hills roll gently to white sandy coves and turquoise-blue waters of the craggy coastline. Ocho Rios is abuzz with activity and seems in constant motion. Bargaining for handmade items at the Crafts Market is a treat in itself. Duty-free shops carry a bounty of brand-name goods. Nightclubs live happily beside taverns and lounges. Gourmands will delight in Ocho Rios' elegant restaurants and cafes.

    Ocho Rios is a place of waterfalls and exotic gardens. The world-famous Dunns River Falls offer exhilarating climb through warm, cascading waters. The tropical splendor of Coyaba and Shaw Park Gardens is magnificent. Take a drive through a forest of ferns aptly called Fern Gully. Ride a horse on the trails at Prospect Plantation. Play polo at nearby Chukka Cove or relax and sun at James Bond Beach. Agent 007, the fictional creation of British writer was born in Jamaica. His first film, Dr. No was filmed here. If you are a Bond aficionado, stay at his luxurious home, GoldenEye, and dream of similar adventures. A new attraction is not-to-be-missed Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain. At the peak, there is a Bobsled and Zip Line Canopy Tour, restaurant and gift shop. Swimming with the dolphins and white river tubing are other btreats that should not be missed.

    Drive west of Ocho Rios to Discovery Bay where Columbus first landed, or to Runaway Bay, so called because slaves used thisb area as an escape route. Visit Seville Great House to nsee Indian and Spanish artifacts. Visit Green Grotto bCaves nor climb theb hills of Nine Miles, the birthplace of the legendary Bob Marley. Just east of Ocho Rios is the village of Oracabessa, the celebrated Firefly property and Jamaican retreat of the playwright Noel Coward.

    Ocho Rios presents a mix of excitement and serenity, truly one of the world's most exotic resorts.

    The wonderful Locations in Jamaica

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