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WHY RENT A VILLA - One Room or an Estate
Why spend your vacation in ONE room and ONE bathroom or even a suite of a Hotel, while sharing many of your private moments with complete strangers
Why not rent an Estate - A private Villa holiday will provide much more - Multiple areas for sleeping, eating and relaxing - A private swimming pool and/or your own beach

Privacy, Pampering & Control: You decide what you want to do every minute of every day. There are no timetables.
Eat when and where you want - swim at midnight - the choice is yours

We are taking this opportunity to introduce a wonderful alternative to the generic hotel vacation package – your private Villa.


An exclusive, private villa vacation offers luxury, privacy and your very own personal household staff.


We offer an extraordinary range of Villas in the Jamaica.

What does a standard villa include?

All of our villas are fully staffed. A full-time dedicated Cook or Chef, Housekeeper and personal laundress attend exclusively to your villa (The number of staff members varies).

Amenities include a private swimming pool, television, internet access, and an air-conditioned bedrooms, plus, much more. Each villa offers a varied set of additional amenities. The list of features for each Villa is conveniently displayed.
Our Advanced Search option allows you to search for the Villas that provide the amenities you want.

What will your villa staff do for you?
Your cook will handle grocery shopping and meal preparation. She will pre-purchase your first meals plus kitchen staples (Salt, seasoning etc), then finish the week's shopping after discussion with you. She will present receipts for all food and beverage purchases and reconcile your account.
It can be an interesting experience, so, if you wish to go to the various markets with her, you are welcome. Otherwise, just confirm and review your menu selections and she'll handle it all while you stay at the villa, relax and be pampered.

The typical day starts while guests are still asleep. The cook quietly places pots of tea or steaming Jamaican coffee on the verandah. Full breakfast is served at the time requested by you or, when all guests are ready.
A typical breakfast may include fresh-squeezed fruit juice and a variety of fresh tropical fruits, banana fritters or plantain, eggs, bacon, pancakes or cereal ~ or Jamaican ackee and salt fish.

For lunches and dinners, your cook will prepare her own mix of Jamaican specialties ~ including delicious homemade soups and desserts, lobster, curried goat, jerk pork or chicken, pasta, lamb, beef, fresh fish ~ or serve traditional American fare as you request.

Warning: Jamaican cooks are excellent and portions are generous!Please notify the staff of any allergies or restrictions in diet.

Your chambermaid and laundress will care for every detail of your bedroom and bath ~ providing fresh linens and flowers, returning your neatly-folded laundry, and turning down your bed each evening.
The gardener will maintain the pool and grounds immaculately each day.
If your Villas is staffed by a butler, he will serve, tends bar and generally facilitates the smooth operation of the Villa.

Our beautiful private villas – homes away from home – offer the ideal setting for:

  • Vacations
  • Family functions
  • Honeymoons & Romantic Escapes
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Corporate retreats
  • Seminars and Meetings
  • Spiritual Retreats


    We offer you an extraordinary choice of styles and locations.

    Some villas are located by the sea, others offer both the beach and private swimming pools and yet some others are set on the hillside offering panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea with the ever-changing hues of blues and greens.

    Your Private Villas are selected to satisfy your most exacting requirements, at your pace. Your dedicated household staff will pamper you and cater to your every need (or wants) while maintaining an unobtrusive presence.

    Choose your pleasure: Luxuriate in a setting and at a the time of your choice

    Sample Local cuisine or revisit family favorites, a cocktail reception by the pool, a beach barbeque or a candlelight dinner; the choice is yours and the location is your Personal Villa.

    Each Villa is unique. We can help you identify which houses are especially good values, which are on the nicest beaches, which are the most private and which homes we have had the most enthusiastic feedback.

    For your next vacation or business retreat, please contact one of our Villa representatives
    Telephone: 914-623-0250 / (toll free 888-355-6953)

    or browse our web site at

    We would be pleased to assist you in all phases of your travel plans.



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